The Most Chaotic Timeline

I had a terrifying thought the other day. What if everyone's a little bit right?

No, seriously, think about it. We are, if the media is to be believed, in 'the end stages of the Trump Presidency' (also media: no, we're not.) The right wing internet has been waiting patiently with baited breath for the Inspector General's report on what exactly went down with the FBI, DOJ and the 2016 election. Each side is convinced that there's 'something' there, where ever 'there' is, but what if both sides find what they're looking for?

Seriously: what if everyone's a little bit right?

I'm no longer buying the Trump/Russia thing. It's entirely possible that I'm wrong about this, but I feel like unless Mueller is playing three dimensional space checkers, that ship has kind of sailed. While the administration does inexplicable things like stepping back from fresh sanctions, it's also been risking World War 3 with Russia by pitching missiles into Syria. Been expelling Russian diplomats after the nerve agent scandal over in the UK. If, as has been suggested the Kremlin has 'something' on Trump, I have to believe that they would have used it by now, because this is not the relationship you'd expect with a guy who allegedly have by the short and curlies.

I think that's why we've seen a shift toward the lawyer and the Stormy Daniels mess. I think a few more people will go down for the Russia thing, maybe the lawyer will go down for this mess or some alleged misdeeds, but I don't think they'll get that smoking gun and even if they do, I'm not convinced it's going to matter. Until the President's popularity ratings start to crater with Republicans, I don't think he'll be in any danger- why? There's a risk that this investigation starts to look like a fishing expedition and if a narrative emerges that the Establishment is trying to take down the President by any means necessary then the 'douse it all in gasoline and light it on fire' voters that put the President where is aren't going to throw him overboard. If anything, they'll just cling to him harder.

I buy the whole 'election shenanigans/improprieties' thing a little more, but not by much. I think fever dreams of a deep state conspiracy will remain just that, fever dreams. But what I do think, is that there will be enough wrongdoing and impropriety found to justify the shrieks of 'perfidious Deep Statism' emanating from the right. Something weird went down with the whole Clinton Investigation- especially given the fact that then FBI Director James Comey took a mulligan on the whole damn thing not ten days before the election last November.

In short: I expect a whole bunch of people go to jail and a lot of shouting to ensue and unless there's something else. Which there might well be, I don't know. Everything I've just written and you just read could well be 100 percent wrong. I think if there's one thing about this current Presidency that I know for sure- other than mental exhaustion and constant exasperation with the state of the world in general, it's that it defies prediction.

Why do I keep writing about the unfolding trainwreck going on all around me? I don't really know. Partially because it's everywhere and you can't escape it and if it's everywhere and you can't escape it you may as well take the time to check in with your thinking from time to time and see how you really feel about it. The idea of everyone being right about everything- at least a little bit- amuses me somewhat. If people's heads are going to explode over every goddamn thing these days, we might as well have some fun with it and go full on Scanners right? Let's make everyone's head explode!

The idea might amuse me, but it also worries me a little as well. Assuming the #BlueWave isn't just a Twitter hashtag and it actually happens, the last thing I want is the Democratic Party launching an impeachment drive that will undoubtedly be seen as nakedly partisan. (And oh the sweet irony if they end up doing it over the Stormy Daniels matter... because lying about a beej under oath was none of our fucking business, but having an adult entertainer sign a non-disclosure agreement so you can get bent over and spanked with a copy of Forbes that has your face on the cover- that's a moral bridge too far. If that is what this impeachment ends up being about, then I give the fuck up- there's only so much hypocrisy I can take, after all. Keep Calm and Win Some Fucking Elections Already, Democrats. In the immortal words of Admiral Akbar, Impeachment: "It's a trap!")

Whatever happens, truly this is the most chaotic of timelines.


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