The 100 Day Project

It's been a long, hard slog of a winter and I'm just tired of late. February always brings back memories. March was especially unkind this year, as we went from two dogs to zero dogs and then spent the last two weeks of the month suffering from some kind of seasonal plague that we're all only know starting to get over. I feel like this year needs a month or two to pry it up out of the mud and slap it back on the rails to get it going again, because man, do we need it.

So, when I saw the article for the 100 Day Project go by on Lifehacker, I was intrigued. "What," I thought to myself, "is this?" Turns out it's mainly an Instagram thing, where you can #100DayProject for any and all of your creative projects that you do. I don't know if I'll get to all one hundred days, but I feel like it's a good challenge to get my creativity flowing again as we move into the next season of the year.

I need this. I need something, I think. Between the winter that won't seem to go away and the ongoing dumpster fire that is our national life, I'm just honestly exhausted. People talk a lot about 'Red' America and 'Blue' America, but really, I'm becoming more and more convinced that there's a third America: the America that's just tired of it all and would vote for a sentient piece of moldy cheese if it would do something useful for once. I know, I know- you're not allowed to not care about things anymore. That's not permitted. Well, fuck you is what I say to that. The internet is awful, the world is going to hell in a hand basket and I need a good mental health cleanse of all this crap before it really gets down into my pores and I ended up needing a full colonoscopy to get rid of it all.

Nothing will change in this country- or hell, in this world, until we stop treating the people who disagree with us with such open contempt and vitriol. As incredible as it is to believe that we're still talking about the damn election after so many months, all I can think of is this: I know people who voted for both candidates and somehow I managed to get along just fine with them, even though we may disagree. There's shitty behavior on both ends of the spectrum. No, "but they do it!" is not an excuse in my book- what are we, six years old?

And like I said, I'm exhausted by it all.

So, I'm doing this 100 Day Project thing- and not just for creative things, but for my life. I want to get some of these projects around the house done. I want to start working out again. I want to play with my kids more and worry about the toxic waste dump on the news less. I've got projects in the pipeline that I want to see through to completion that I really should move a little further down the tracks.

Some coming attractions: a new piece of short fiction tentatively called 'The Executioner's Daughter', I want to get back into the third book (I've been doing a deep dive on solidifying my world build for it- I got about halfway through and realized that I had written myself into a corner that I couldn't really get out of and despite some temptation to just power through and get it all out, I want to make sure the first half is right before I do that.) The Missus and I snagged a pyrography kit a month or so ago, so keep an eye out some early attempts at wood-burning.

Basically, I'm just really, really, really tired of winter. I'm tired of being cold. It's making me tired and more than a little depressed and if some attempts at getting the creative juices flowing helps to combat the late season blues, then I'm all for it. So stay tuned.


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