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Serial Saturday #2.21: The Battle

Still a little unsteady on her feet, Sarah pulled herself upright and looked along the maintenance walkway. As she had predicted: quiet. Ema arrived next. Kamara and Mendrika grabbed her and helped her over the railing. She nodded thanks to them and collected herself for a moment before: “Which way?” “Elevators are that way,” Sarah pointed down the walkway.  “No other way up?” Ema asked. Sarah shook her head.  “Let’s go check it out,” Kamara suggested. “I might be able to make some magic happen.” “All right,” Ema pointed to the far end of the walkway. “Alan, Mendrika, watch our back. Sarah, you lead.” Sarah nodded and slipped past Ema and strode down the walkway to the elevator. “Don’t touch anything,” Kamara called from behind her. “Let me look at it first.” Sarah stepped aside and let Kamara squeeze by her. He glanced at the elevator and then tapped on a panel above the call button. He grinned and reached into his protective gear and pulled out a small screwdriver. “You contracted wi

Serial Saturday #2.20: Return to New Toliara

The Enugu was quiet. Perched in a particularly thick cloud, just outside the scanning range of New Toliara, they were rigged for silent running and everyone was speaking in hushed tones. “So, there’s been nothing?” Harcourt looked unhappy. “No,” Kamara replied. “The city itself is there. There’s just… no communication. No nothing. Not even local channels or frequencies appear to be operating.” “Has their dome been compromised?” Sarah asked. “If everyone was forced into shelters and they’re running on emergency power that could-” but Kamara was already shaking his head. “The Dome is still up over the city.” “I don’t like this,” Ema frowned. “It feels-” “Like a trap,” Harcourt finished. Ema nodded in agreement. “I still say we should just do a frontal approach. Make like we’re docking,” Mendrika put in. “And if the city is controlled by the enemy?” Ema asked. “What then? We’d be sitting ducks, especially with the way the docks are laid out here.” She leaned forward and poked Harcourt on

The Politics Round-Up

1. Look At This Pretty Map : Iowa Redistricting Begins So, the non-partisan agency tasked with making the maps dropped their first proposal last night and the loose consensus seems to be that this map probably won't be the map. Maps are also included for State House and Senate districts, but I haven't done a deep dive on those yet, and honestly, if this plan gets shot down, it may be less about the Congressional lines and more about the State House and Senate Lines-- but I gotta say, if I was just going purely on congressional districts, there's a lot to like about this map.  (Coverage this morning seems to cast doubt on this map because it puts "rising GOP Star Ashley Hinson" at risk. God. Gag me with a spoon if that description is actually true-- what it does put at risk though is the Battle of the Former KCRG TV-9 Anchors, which I was looking forward to as Christina Bohannon has thrown in for the current 2nd District primary, but would get bumped over to the 1s