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Squawk Box: Ted Lasso Season 3/Shogun

Ted Lasso Season 3:  It took us a while to get back around to the final season of Ted Lasso, but the Missus and I finally managed it. I wasn't quite sure what to expect with this final season and I had seen decidedly mixed reviews of it, but having watched it I can say that I understand some of the criticisms of this final season, but don't really care all that much because I loved it. There have been whispers and hints on the internet that AFC Richmond might continue without Ted Lasso and I might have feelings on that because really and truly creative executives everywhere need to embrace the idea that it's okay for things to just end. I loved that they had a clear, three-season plan for this show. I was satisfied  Season Three opens with Richmond back in the Premier League, but picked to finish dead last and West Ham- now owned by Rebecca's ex Rupert (Anthony Head), and coached by the now apparently evil Nate (Nick Mohammed) is expected to finish in the Top 4- which

The Misinformation Train Leads To Conspiracy Brain

I am a misinformation agnostic. If you rewind things back to 2016 and watch as the Establishment tried to come to grips with the fact that Trump had won and Clinton had lost, you could see a lot of grasping at straws and desperate pretzel-bending to avoid the obvious: they ran a candidate with incredibly high negatives who ran a campaign that wasn't that great and lost by the skin of her teeth because the other guy wasn't exactly that awesome either. That was obvious to me, but no, instead, it was social media. It was the Russian bots farms and the evil Facebook, it was... misinformation. The people, they didn't know. The people, they had been led astray. After a while, it became, the people, they're obviously racist and the whole Resistance Media Conglomerate just became increasingly clownish and impossible to take seriously.  I was a big believer in individual agency. People have their own reasons for voting the way they do and very little of them were talked about in

Reacher v Reacher

Do you know what's weird about Jack Reacher? Not only do you have the series of 28 novels and short stories by Lee Child, but you have two seasons of the Amazon Prime show (with Alan Richson in the role of Reacher) and there are not one, but two movies out there- starring Tom Cruise. But it gets even better because the movies are based on One Shot and Never Go Back while the streaming show adapted Killing Floor and Bad Luck and Trouble. So not only do you have two Jack Reachers out there in the world, but neither movies nor streaming show have adapted the same source material yet. So, if you can't compare adaptations and you haven't read any of the books yet (something that I'm going to have to remedy, if I'm going to be a Jack Reacher completionist) then you're kind of left comparing the two Jack Reachers that have made it to screen. Granted, I haven't read any of the books- so you have to acknowledge that neither portrayal could necessarily live up to

Bookshot #176: Surrender

This is not your typical autobiography. Bono structures it around forty songs from over the course of U2's career in music and it's sort of linear, in a way, but he also jumps around a bit here and there. Let's start out with what I didn't know: I didn't actually know Bono's real name-- Paul David Hewson and the fact that he was born to a Catholic father and a Protestant mother in a time of sectarian violence in Ireland. That was really interesting to find out and suddenly 'Bloody Sunday' from War hits a little different-- something he talks about in the chapters where they're working to follow up their second album, October with what turned out to be War.  The fact that he lost his mother at the age of fourteen- and in a pretty traumatic way- she had a cerebral aneurysm at her father's funeral-  turned out to have a major impact on his life and sort of started him on a lifelong quest to find that sense of family again- even though as he's g