Boozehound Unfiltered: A.D. Laws Four Grain

I don't know when we'll get back to Colorado, but when we do, a visit to Laws Whiskey House is going to be high on my list of 'things to do.' (Plus: with any luck, the kiddos will all be a little older so they might actually dig it a little more.) But while we didn't get to the Whiskey House itself, I did manage to score a bottle of this lovely, delicious stuff:
(Some background on this: after years of lurking, I finally hopped on Reddit for real (I'm at u/litcityblues if you're a fellow Redditor reading this) and I kid you not, about a week, week and a half before we were set to head out for vacation, there's a post that I find about a haul of Colorado whiskey. So tentatively, not really knowing what I'm doing, I hop on there and ask what the r/Whiskey Hive Mind would recommend from the Centennial State that you can't really find anywhere else. I can get Stranahan's 'round here, so I wanted something local. The r/Whiskey Hive Mind spoke and recommended this stuff- and fast forward to now, I have tasty delicious bourbon to drink. TL;DR: Reddit recommended this stuff.)

I checked out the Laws website and it's pretty slick looking- I like their philosophy: "Craft over commodity. Quality over quantity. Whiskey above all." Having tasted Four Grain, I think they've succeeded in translating that philosophy into their product. They get three of their four grains from Colorado and get their corn from Wisconsin before aging in White Oak Barrels for two years. (The grians: corn, barley, wheat and rye.)

But the real question: how did it taste? Let's find out:

Color: Dark yellow, deep golden...  it's lighter than it looks in the picture, but it's still creeping toward a nice, rich amber hue.

Body: well bodied and rich, this aroma is hard to pin down. It smells damn good- I know that much. There's a smooth undertone to it- more like vanilla than anything else. I keep wanting to say that the spice I smell is cinnamon, but that's not quite right either. It deep, rich, earthy, spicy and smooth all at once. 

Palate: It's well balanced- sits on the tongue easily. It's neither too syrupy or too watery, which is nice. The spice hits you gradually, which is nice, but when it hits, it hits big. Not in an unpleasant way, but- hell, let's just say, it's got a kick to it. 

Finish: If I have a point of contention, it might be here. The spice in the palate can make for a bit of a harsh finish going down, but it fades quickly and the cockles of your heart will be warm indeed.

Overall: Damn tasty stuff. Excellent over ice, straight, however you want to drink it. Will have to ration this stuff until I can secure more. My Grade: **** out of ****


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