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It was Tintin that got me. I didn't see this particular picture until late in the afternoon, but there were more floating around out there- and yeah, it was Tintin, that most Belgian of icons that got me. Another attack. Another tragedy. Little Dude woke up around 5:30 or so this morning wanting some breakfast, so, while I was half-asleep and the Missus was doing her thing with Little Dude, I grabbed my phone to do the usual gauntlet of things I do at 5:30 in the morning to stay half-awake and somewhat functioning in case the Missus needs something. And that's when I saw the news about Brussels.

At this point, I'm sort of out of answers. After San Bernadino, Paris, Mumbai, Ankara- it just never seems to stop and we seem to be running out of useful answers to give. Someone on Twitter immediately pointed out this this was going to be blamed of refugees- who, of course, thanks to the latest machinations of the European Union, are finding themselves running short of places of safety to go. The issue plunged into the presidential election almost immediately- with The Hairpiece and his insanity up to his usual tricks and Ted Cruz rather cheerfully suggesting police increase their presence and patrols in Muslim neighborhoods. Because police in this country don't already have enough to deal with.

The majority of victims of Islamic terrorism are Muslims. But listening to everyone out there- it's Muslims that are the problem. I saw #JeSuisSickOfThisShit floating around on Twitter, which struck me as somewhat apt- because really, we have to do more than post images of peace signs or hearts in solidarity with the victims. They deserve more than that.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Belgium tonight. That's all I can offer- I wish I could give more, but damned if I know what the right answer is anymore.


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