Boozehound Unfiltered: Revel Stoke Roasted Pecan

The end of winter and the slow dawning of spring meant that it was about time for me to snag a flavored whiskey and check out something new. Don't get me wrong: I was doing my best to whittle down my single malts to get them done with so I could bring new stuff in, but you know what? I'd had my eye on the Revel Stoke line for awhile now and when I saw there was a Pecan Flavored Whisky on the shelf, I made a move, dropped the cash and grabbed it and damn am I glad I did!

I'm assuming (perhaps foolishly) that Revel Stoke Whisky comes from somewhere near the town of Revelstoke, British Columbia- so this would be my second or third foray across the 38th Parallel to dip my toe in the waters of Canadian Whiskey. (True story: never had a drop of Crown Royale in my life. That, O, Canada, needs to be rectified. Though I have had a sample of their rye and that intrigues me as well.) But Revel Stoke! Their website is short on story, but long on recipes- which is sort of unusual. Seems like most brands these days have history somewhere on their website- it's almost refreshing that Revel Stoke just gets right to the point.

(Tangent: if you're wondering what's up with Revel Stoke spelling whisky without an 'e'- or more importantly, what the difference in the spelling is, in general- this is a pretty good rundown on the matter.)

OK- let's get down to brass tacks and get our whisky on!

Color: Pale yellow- almost straw-like in color. It's nearly transparent in many ways, which completely belies what follows in terms of taste and texture.

Body: Smells like pecans and heaven. Much like Jim Beam Maple, if you've ever wanted that pecan syrup at iHop to be available in alcoholic form, this might just be the whisky for you.

Palate: Buttery and smooth- you would expect the texture to be heavier, but it actually sits pretty lightly on the tongue. I want to put this on my pancakes in the morning- in fact, I think if you were enterprising enough and caramelized this stuff, it would make one hell of a syrup.

Finish: Beautiful. There's literally no other word for it... it warms you up perfectly and the buttery smooth palate just sits there, echoing across your tastebuds

Overall: Cheap, drinkable and delicious, if you're looking for a flavored whisky, you should check out Revel Stoke. Not only do they have Pecan Flavored Whisky- but they have Apple, Cinnamon, Spiced, regular old Canadian and- get this- Roasted Pineapple in their range. (That latter one I might have to get ahold of. When you think of flavored whiskies- roasted pineapple isn't a flavor that generally springs to mind.) If the rest of their range is as quality as their Roasted Pecan offering (and I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it probably is) then you won't be disappointed. As for the Roasted Pecan- well, this is probably the best flavored whisky I've had since Jim Beam Maple. And as such, I'm going to grade it accordingly: A+


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