1,556 Miles Update #3

Okay, it's been a busy couple of months and I'm sort of failing at this whole thing right now- but we're finally (I hope) through the busier period and I can get more consistent about this whole business, because honestly, I haven't been consistent at all and it kind of sucks. But-- the good news is that I managed to do something since last I posted a check in-- granted, it's not much of a something, but anything is better than nothing, right?

Here's where we were at the end of the last update:
I posted a rather desultory 41.1 miles on the Big Pink Bike- with a few days of walking to work thrown in just for fun. Though, I have to admit, I'm glad that I'm not walking to work this week as I am pretty sure it's going to do absolutely nothing but rain. But, combined with the 182.1 miles that I've already logged, that puts us at a grand total of 223.2 miles. Which means our map looks a little something like this:
That's actually a lot better than I thought it would, to be honest. If I have a goal for May, it's consistency.  Consistency, consistency, consistency! We're about here:
Onwards and upwards!


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