On The Move

So: this is happening...

The Missus and I have been prepping for today for about a month now. We've looked at houses, come close to pulling the trigger on building a new house (and still might) and we might have found our next house- assuming it's still there when we get an offer on this one and possibilities seem to be blossoming like rain everywhere we look.

And it's scary as hell and a little sad as well. Both of us have had wavering moments where we're not sure we actually want to sell this house at all. This was our first house. We put a lot of love into this house. Little Man (Kid #1) and Little Dude (Kid #2) came home to this house. We've had holidays in this house, nieces came to visit this house, parties with friends, nights spent talking around the fire or sitting on our excellent porch (I'm going to miss that porch) out front enjoying the view across the street and the empty field where the glorious vista of Proctor and Gamble loomed on the horizon. (OK: that last part is a little much, it's not exactly a mountain vista, but damn it, it was our vista.)

But it's time. And full credit to our realtor for telling us to declutter- I realized after my hour or so of melancholy that between us, we had shipped half our stuff out already and the place looked amazing. Amazing enough that I think both of us have wobbled a bit on selling it at all- but once we add that stuff back in, our pressing need for more space is going to become quickly apparent. So, as many memories that we've had in this house, it's time to graduate to space we can grow into and really raise a family in.

We've already got a showing schedule for tomorrow, believe it or not- whether anything will come of that or not, I don't know- but it's finally here. The day has arrived. The next step in the crazy, amazing adventure that is our life is finally underway.

(By the way- natives of Johnson County are probably fully aware of this, but we were idly dreaming and looking at houses in locations that will remain undisclosed since nothing will probably come of this particular idle dream- and DAMN can you get a lot of house for a lot less money than you can here. I mean, we could get everything we want for under 200k easy pretty much anywhere else- and not half-assed houses either. Like nice, almost new houses that would be at the tippy-top of our budget round these parts. Jesus, I loathe Iowa City's housing market. It's completely fucked compared to the rest of the state and makes locations that will remain undisclosed look tempting enough to actually consider, you know.)

Obviously, I'll let y'all know when we find the next Casa de Tomali- but in the meantime, it's officially up and out there- so if you know people who are looking for an amazing starter home let them know.


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