January on Medium

I've been doing some blogging over on Medium for the past couple of months, so periodically, I'll be posting updates about what's up over there and what I've been doing and all that jazz. So far, I'm heading into Month #4 of a self-exploration about what I want and what I can do with myself when the less than family-friendly nature of my current job's schedule and demands gets to be too much:

Part One- The Necessity of Reinvention

Part Two: The Reinvention: Professional Options

Part Three: The Reinvention: Let's Get Practical

I also made a New Year's Resolution to try and get back to writing short stories and other short fiction, just to keep a content stream going while I finish up the sequel to The Prisoner and The Assassin and before I start churning out the book after that.  I'm kicking things off in January with an original story (all 7,500 words of it), please, take a read of:

That's Venus, Baby

Stay tuned for more updates and happenings on Medium!


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