The Tiresome Business of New Year's Resolutions

1. I'm so, so tired of the now expected and never fulfilled 'lose weight, be healthier' resolution-- it really falls well within the internet mockery of people who post 'new year, new me' memes. but this year- (shakes fist at sky) it's going to be different! (Narrator: It probably wouldn't be, but his heart was in the right place.)

2. To make a list of New Year's Resolutions (yes, this is a control resolution to ensure that if my ambitions wilt into their usual shape by March, by the time I get to December, at least I'll have done one thing on this list.)

3.  I feel like my historical/political science reading is somewhat lacking: I've got DeToqueville kicking around here somewhere so I' d like to read that. And Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee is also floating around here as well. (Federalist Papers, The Wealth of Nations, Das Kapital, The Road To Serfdom and Capital are also sort of on my mind.)

4. Be a better friend to people. I don't have many friends and the insanity of life has lead to a rather unfortunate policy on my part of Facebook/email/benign neglect. It's time to get better at that again, I think. (Subsidiary To This: Be More Social/Involved In General)

5. I got a set of bar tools for Christmas and I've got a cocktail book and a tiki book, so: learn the art of Tiki and the art of the Cocktail and get good at making some drinks.

6. Buy more clothes for me. I freely admit that when I'm not at work my fashion style can be best described as 'well-dressed hobo with children' and I'd like to maybe give a damn a little more, you know? (Corollary To This: Get Rid of Clothes I Don't Wear)

7. Start to Learn a Programming Language (HTML/Java/CSS, etc.)

8. Finish at least one Duolingo Course (I'm fiddling around with numerous languages on there.)

9. Train for and run a 5K... (Eldest Spawn has always wanted to run one with the Missus, so I'll let them have the first one, but I figure we can maybe all do another one.)

10. Take the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge as a family and win that thing!

11. We've got a wood-burning kit downstairs and this year, I want to actually use it and make something.

12. I declared a 'Year of Books' like three years ago and I've been chipping away at the random and purely arbitrary list of books I came up with every since. It got a bit smaller this year: I've got half of
The Book of The New Sun by Gene Wolfe to read, Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel (I know I have a copy around here somewhere), War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, Ulysses by James Joyce.

13. Get another tattoo

14. Get the exercise equipment downstairs along with Legos and make my 'office' the coffee/reading room the Missus and I envision.

15. Redo the front hall closet

16. Replace the deck out front

17. Get back to Podcasting! Get better audio, better intro music-- take it to its next iteration- whatever that is.

18. Revise at least one short story and write two more and send them out for submittal.

19. Edit, polish, package and roll out Book 3!

20. Take my pageviews for this blog from 75K to 100K


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