Squawk Box: Coming This Fall

Well, early last month the networks did their usual shenanigans cancelling a ton of shows (goodbye to Nashville and Castle) and dropping the usual hefty amounts of previews for new shows that have been picked up for the fall season. Some notable trends are immediately obvious- with CBS rolling out Limitless last year, that meant every one had to take a turn at adapting a movie to television and boy oh boy are there plenty to choose from:

Rush Hour: For the love of God, why?
Training Day: Oh, so they flipped the races and the African-American young Detective type is going to teach Bill Paxton important lessons about sensitivity, justice and race in modern America? Sounds amazing!
The Exorcist: Meh. Not really my type of show
Lethal Weapon: Strangely, I might give this a go. I think a lot is riding on the chemistry between Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans, Sr. but it's got some potential
Frequency: Hmmm... well, I've never actually seen the movie, so why not give it a go?

There's a couple of 'rich, billionaire geniuses' type shows that are kind of intriguing:

Pure Genius looks at a billionaire trying to change the medical field... APB is sort of like, 'what if Bruce Wayne brought a police precinct' instead of became Batman. Both could be awful, but both might be interesting enough to check out.

Deisgnated Survivor: After years of running around a doing the bidding of various Presidents on 24, Kiefer Sutherland actually gets a shot at the top job...  the big question: will he be a better President than Donald Sutherland on The Hunger Games?

Time travel is getting a double shot of love this fall with Making History and Timeless. The former looks slightly more promising than the latter.

Bull. is Michael Weatherly's new show, post DiNozzo/NCIS and it caught my attention with the following sentence: 'Inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw' I'm officially intrigued.)

No Tomorrow: Girl meets hot guy who is convinced the world is going to end soonish and lives her life out loud or some thing?

Man With A Plan could be the sitcom Matt LeBlanc has been looking for, but maybe not. The Mick looks slightly better and then there's Jenna Elfman in Imaginary Mary and American Housewife.

Star: Intriguing and interesting... I've yet to see Queen Latifah suck in anything.

I'm not sure if Conviction and Notorious are the latest entries in Shonda-land, but they feel like they are- but if they're not actual Shonda-land shows, they're going to fit right in just fine.

With Parenthood gone, it seems like NBC is banking on This Is Us to fill its shoes.

Pitch is probably the show that caught me the most by surprise, because it's actually got an intriguing premise- the first female pitcher to start a Major League Baseball game.

All in all, there's some intriguing stuff coming in the fall, but to be honest, nothing that excites me in a major way. There are shows I'll probably check out, but none of these really rises to the level of 'MUST WATCH AND DVR IMMEDIATELY' you know? I could be wrong- and probably am- about at least one or two of them, but we'll see what the fall brings to the table.

Enjoy the feast of links! (Oh and what the heck, dear reader (or readers) go ahead and tell me your favorite in the comments!)


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