Serial Saturday #2.13: Running

 A concussive rumble of what sounded like thunder brought Sarah back to consciousness. She blinked, trying to figure out where she was. Lights... everything is so bright. Another rumble and the world lurched sideways. Sarah tried to push herself upward when a firm hand pushed her back down.

"Oh, there you are," The voice sounded like one of the Canadians, Scottie, she thought. "She's awake." His face swang into view above her, smiling. "How are you feeling?"

Sarah tried to sit up again. "Gently now," Scottie eased her upright. "How's your head?"

Another thunderclap, this time almost deafening and the ship lurched downward and began to pitch.

"Hurts," Sarah said, grabbing the table to steady herself. "What's going on?"

"We're running," Justin grinned.

"What-" the ship lurched again. "-happened?"

"After they snatched you, they had a hell of a time trying to find you,: Justin and Scottie each took an arm and helped her down off of the bed. "The navigator, Kamara, I think he was the one who picked up the signal."

"What about...Angus?"

Another rumble. Lurch. 

"He ran. So did we."

"We ran?"

Alan finally spoke. "VTA doesn't like gunfights on their oases. They get really intense bout it. I just hope Aboah and the old man found the berths they were looking for because we had to leave in a hurry."

"So, what's-" A lurch, to the right this time. 

"What's that?" Scottie grabbed the wall as the ship lurched again. "That is your kidnapper. He seems enthusiastic about getting you back."

"I'll bet her is," Sarah said. She grabbed for the wall and made her way toward the entrance to the med bay. "I've got to find the others."

"You'll be alright?" Justin looked concerned. 

Sarah forced a grin as the doors to the med bay hissed open. "I'll be fine, you all just stay here and-" she clutched the wall for support as the ship dove sideways again. "Try not to panic." The three of them laughed as Sarah headed out into the hallway and made her way down toward the bridge.

As she passed the door to the Captain's berth, Ema popped out. "Oh, back with us?"

"Yeah, I was going to see what was going on-"

"Me too," Ema slipped ahead of her and led her out onto the bridge. "Have we lost this idiot yet?"

"I'm working on it, damn it," Harcourt snapped. "Kamara-"

"I'm trying boss man," Kamara tapped a sequence on his console and the ship dove sharply.

"Acho, we've got trouble."

Harcourt glanced over at Ema. "It must be pretty dire if you're using my first name."

Ema rolled her eyes. "I checked the analysis from the Mad Robot.

"Bad-" Kamara bit off a curse and tapped out another sequence on his console and the ship surged upwards again. Ema grabbed the back of a chair just in time. "We need to get to Samundra City."

"That was the plan this whole time," Harcourt gritted his teeth.

"We need to do it quickly, If the Robot's right, then a lot of cities on Venus are compromised."

"A corporate takeover?" Sarah's stomach dropped as the ship dove back down and swerved sharply to starboard.

"I think so. We need to talk to some people."

"Which people?" Harcourt asked.

"Acho, this is serious." Ema bit her lip. "I think we need to give serious consideration to raising the flag."

"The flag?" Harcourt's eyes went wide.

"Mimo nik," Kamara swore. He turned around his seat to start at Ema. "Really?" A boom shook the ship and turned back around, biting off curses.

"Damn it, Kamara, that was too close," Harcourt yelled.

"I know, I know!"

The ship yawed and pitched. Kamara frantically tapped on his console, trying to evade their pursuit. "It's no good, he's too damn fast." Another boom. Then another. Kamara kept tapping and the ship kept twisting and turning, flipping and diving, but it was no use.

"We can't keep doing this, Onyeisi," someone- Sarah thought it was Injinia- was shouting through the loudspeaker. "That ship of his is too damn maneuverable."

"Wait," Osoko put in. "There's a storm."

"How big?" Ema asked.

"Big enough," Osoko replied. "Two klicks off the starboard bow."

"Do it," Harcourt snapped as the Enugu banked towards it. "Can we hold?" He glanced over at Osoko. "Osoko, can we hold?"

"Injinia is right. We can't keep doing this."

"That's not an answer," Ema snapped.

"It's our best chance."

"All ahead full," Harcourt ordered. "Close on it. Let me know when we have a visual."

"We should be coming into visual range," Kamara reached up and pressed a button. "Right about now."

Sarah gasped as the viewscreen flickered on and she saw the storm. Whirling, boiling clouds, black as night, flecks of acid moisturizes streaking towards them, illuminated like snow. "We're flying into that?"

Ema nodded grimly. Harcourt grabbed the hand microphone. "All hands," he shouted over the growing noise of the storm. "Brace for impact."


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