Random Song: In The House of Stone And Light

Remember this song? I have no idea why it popped back into my brain, but it did-- it was released all the way back in 1994 and there was at least one summer when it was all over the airwaves of Q103 (pour one out for Q103). I think this song embedded into my brain when I was reading The Wheel of Time the first time out (when they were actually coming out in the bookstores- man, I'm old.) In Book 3, The Dragon Reborn, something about the cover, this song, and the supposedly impregnable fortress of The Stone of Tear just sort of connected in my young brain and it's what I always associate this song with now.

But it gets crazier- if you dig into the lyrics a little bit you find references to Buddhism (Mount Kailas)- which in the Buddhist tradition it's located near the land of Shambhala- the actual mountain is located in Tibet and linked with the Hindu epic, the Ramayana. 

Also: The House of Stone and Light is the Havasupai name for the Grand Canyon.

So either this song is about a guy hiking to the Grand Canyon, or it's the first New Age Spiritual Pop Single on record. (Whether there have been more in the budding genre I don't know.)

Have a great Tuesday and enjoy this blast from the past!


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