Welcome, Redditors

Well, this is a pleasant surprise to start the week with!


If you followed the link over here, welcome! It's a general mish-mash of all kinds of things that rattle around my brain-- in terms of writing related things--

I've got books out there in the world! My first two 'babies' are:

The Prisoner And The Assassin

The Arrows of Defiance

Just e-books for now, I want to get them back as print on demand paperbacks sometime this year.  Also, my third book The Last President is getting close to the finish line and I hope to have that out later this year.

Hey, did you like my response to this writing prompt? Lots of people told me I should write more of it-- and I've been trying to listen and figure out how and then I found out about r/redditserials, so expect The Adventures of Preston and Lark to pop up there sometime in the next couple of month- maybe even this month if I can get my act together.

If you want to hear my dulcet tones live and in person, check out my podcast- The Last Dram as well- which will be returning this month, I swear!

Finally, now that I'm done shamelessly plugging myself, I'd like to thank r/WritingPrompts for the honor. I was dragooned into participating in Theme Thursdays by a co-worker who shall go unnamed and I've enjoyed getting to know the community and participating in Campfire and it's become an interesting writing challenge to wrap my head around each week. They're a great community and I'm happy to be a part of it!


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