COVER REVEAL: The Last President


The last thing Zebulon Stanton ever wanted to be was the President of the United States.

America's best days are centuries behind it. Nineteen states hide behind the Frontier Wall- an energy barrier of ancient technology controlled by The Order.

Few people care for such an economic and political backwater.

Yet enemies are on the march. A powerful General sweeps aside the fractured nations of North America. A dissident member of The Order stops at nothing to bring them down. Now, Stanton must find allies and convince an isolationist Congress of the increasing peril or he'll be:

The Last President

I am so excited and pleased to reveal the cover of my third book, The Last President. This one has been a long time in coming and I am very, very happy to get this one over the finish line and out into the world. Right now, I'm planning on releasing e-book versions through multiple vendors on Draft2Digital and then doing a paperback edition through Amazon. With a little bit of luck and some (hopefully minor) formatting, it should be one hundred percent ready to go and out into the world by next month.

Before anyone asks: yes, there is a map. A real-life honest-to-goodness map in this book.

Will there be a sequel? No. Writing the first two books as sequels convinced me that I need to get a few more books and longer pieces under my belt before I try and tackle a series again. This is a one-volume book and I am not planning on revisiting this world or characters.

Do I have an official release date yet? No. We've kind of got a busy month ahead of us, so right now all I'm going to say is JUNE. (So watch my socials and this blog for an official announcement.)


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