The Arrows of Defiance: New Cover Announcement

 Big news, sports fans:

Book One got a shiny new cover and a new paperback edition and now it means it's time for Book Two to get its moment in the sun. The Arrows of Defiance is longer and taught me almost immediately several things about writing sequels. First of all, it's damn hard to do. Making sure names, dates, everything stays consistent- it would be a nightmare for an author who had a few books and a contract under their belt, but for little old me just trying to finish the story I started in The Prisoner and The Assassin? It put me off writing sequels for the foreseeable future, at at the time- but who knows at this point. I may get ambitious.

This was the book where my characters really began to come alive for me- I know that sounds strange, but I think a lot of writing can get lost in world-building and info-dumps and story and plot holes- but you can have the best story in the world and it won't matter at all if your characters aren't real. 

So, The Arrows of Defiance has a shiny new cover. You can get it from multiple e-book sellers over here and a shiny new paperback edition over here. Get 'em while they're hot and get 'em today!


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