1,556 Miles Update #1

Okay: so, I started out strong, which is not all that unusual- but I picked up a nasty cold in the back half of the month that knocked me off my rhythm for a couple of weeks, but despite all that: I got on the old pink bike three times a week all month long. I did Kettlebell a couple of times this month (I need to work on that in February) and didn't manage to do any tai chi at all.

Intermittent fasting too sort of took a hit when I picked up that cold- so I have to get back on that horse, so hopefully in February I can get back on that horse a little bit more effectively again. I think if I can get through February more consistently I'm going to try and take the next step. If I can control when I eat, then I have to start working on what I eat next.

So January is in the books and it went...  okay. I got areas to improve on for February, but it wasn't a complete failure. Which brings us to the challenge. 1,556 miles from Duluth to Laredo (virtually, anyway) and here's my starting point:

All told for the month of January, I logged 102.9 miles on the old Big Pink Bike, which means I got about this far on my challenge:
Which is actually much better than I thought I'd do, to be totally honest about it. That's pretty good for a month of working. It also means that where I ended up looks like this:
One month down, eleven to go!


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