MLS Quest Round 2

I've been somewhat neglectful in my duties of late- we moved, right now we don't have cable (we might jump back aboard the Mediacom train, but we might also cut-the-cord once and for all and go the Sling route) so my chances to watch soccer have been somewhat limited of late. I snatched the closing minutes of Chelsea's win over Tottenham, but haven't been able to catch too much MLS action of late, but last Sunday I changed all that, catching the back half of Sporting KC vs Orlando City and a goodly chunk of the Portland Timbers vs NYCFC.

I looked through my list and made some cuts... this is what's left standing:

Western Conference:
FC Dallas
Sporting Kansas City
Colorado Rapids
Real Salt Lake

Eastern Conference:
Columbus Crew SC
Chicago Fire
Toronto FC
Montreal Impact

The teams in italics are ones that I want to actually see play- I keep hearing a lot of good things about Toronto FC and obviously, Montreal is worth talking about- not only because it would be an amazing city to visit, but you can't ignore Didier Drogba- even if he might not be there forever. Colorado is a place I just enjoy the hell out of and similarly, any excuse to visit the Beehive State is okay by me- so I've got to check out Real Salt Lake and the Colorado Rapids.

But here's the reality that seems to be emerging: I want some vague geographic proximity, but a lack thereof isn't a deal breaker either. I'd like to be able to actually go see a game or two, you know? (But, on the other hand- further away means the possibility for exotic environs as well.)

But there's also Minnesota United to consider... they're inching toward a stadium deal for their move up to MLS, but- and this is going to sound kind of weird: they've got a really cool logo. And they're the Loons, which is kind of cool too. There is something to the notion of jumping aboard at the ground floor...



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