10 For 2021: How Did I Do?

Given the times we live in, the idea of New Year's Resolutions seems idiotic, but I'm doing it anyway because lists are easy to make and strangely satisfying to cross things off of. But before I launch on yet another exercise in mild futility (I do usually get some of these things accomplished), it's time to look back on 2021 and see how I did.

1. End the year under 200 lbs

Nope, but it's coming with me for 2022.

2. Get another tattoo (I've known what I want to get for a while, I just need to do it.)

Nope. Not yet- but it's coming along for 2022.

3. I want to complete a 200 day Duolingo Streak 

I got to 141 days before I fell off the wagon, but I've picked it back up again and I'm pushing 50 days as of this writing.

4. New deck! We got rid of (most of) the old deck this year, but in 2021 I want to finish out the project and get a shiny new one.

Success! We did get a new deck done.

5. My Goodreads goal for 2020 was 40 books and I came up short by just a little bit, so for 2021: 40 books.

I might dial this goal back a bit for 2022 because I ended up hitting 17 books for the year. Well short of the goal.

6. Get back to Intermittent Fasting and do it consistently and correctly for the year!

Nope. But this one is coming with me to 2022.

7. I've got a podcast, technically speaking. Time to get back to it and aim for something resembling consistency. 

Still have no idea what to do with my podcast. Going to have to give that some thought in the next year.

8. I also planned on using 'ye olde woodburning kit' last year and now I still haven't managed to do it. So this year, damn it. 

Nope. Maybe I'll get an idea and do it in 2022.

9. House things: finish the hall closet, get the basement cleaned up and re-arranged, finish the front yard (post-deck) and get the backyard into a better place.

I'm going to give myself partial credit for this one. 3/4 ain't bad.

10. To make a list of New Year's Resolutions (yes, it's my annual 'control' resolution ensuring that at least one of these goals will be successful.)

This is a success!

2.75 out of 10 is 27.5% success rate for the year. So, not the greatest year ever, but far from the exercise in utility these lists normally are. If nothing else, there's something to build on for 2022. 


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