This Week In Vexillology: Flags of June

A happy discovery that I have not one, but TWO flags poles lead to a month of actually getting to fly a lot of the flags in my collection for the first time. June also has Flag Day, so I threw up some thoughts on Reddit about how I feel about that day. (We also had some hardware challenges with the second pole: my first Union Flag didn't have grommits-- so I got a really nice hand stiched one only to find that the grommits were too damn big for the pole-- so I'll have to score so better anchors for it and then we'll see what July brings us.) 

This month we had Portugal for Portugal Day, Uganda for Heroes Day, Sweden for National Day, Italy for Republic Day, The Seychelles gets three appearances- National Day, Liberation Day and Constitution Day. Norway gets Dissolution Day, Independence Day for the Philippines and the Pine Tree Flag for Flag Day.You'll see both my old school Union Flag and my new one with the overly large grommets in the list- also an Arsenal flag celebrating what turned out to be a fairly lamentable return to the Premier League for The Gunners-- though they did rebound a little against Southampton. And finally, there's Flag Day in Argentina.


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