10 For 2024: First Quarter Check-In

So, I'm going to try something new this year and post quarterly updates on how I'm doing with my goals for the year. I don't know if this is going to provide me more motivation to keep on top of them throughout the year or give me the chance to do an occasional reset on my goals as I work my way through the year, but I guess we'll see how it goes.

Without further ado, here's the First Quarter Update:

10 For 2024

1. Book 4: Get this book into draft form (close to, if not ready to launch-- fingers crossed!) by the end of the year. I have some other writing goals as well, but this is going to be my big, main focus for the year.

The back half of February was unkind on multiple fronts, but the first four chapters have been revised and I've got a draft done of chapter five and am going to roll up my sleeves and start work on chapter six. I am really hoping to get more done over the course of the next three months and get this in much better shape by the time of the next update.

2. Get Another Tattoo: I might get really crazy and get two! (But for real: no reason why it can't happen this year. Money is being accumulated. The date just needs to be set to do the deed.)

Not yet. Still on the docket.

3. The Health Thing: Okay, so I'm going to get away from numbers on scales this year. It's just a waste of my time and a waste of this space. But I do need to do something here, so I'm going to aim for the following: a. ten minutes of activity a day (kettlebell, walking, stretching-- whatever, something!), b. eat more protein-- I'm going to aim for 100g of protein a day, but we'll see how that goes and c. be outside more, especially with the kids. 

We went to Arizona in early February, came back and all got the flu and then I followed that up by throwing out my back. This week will be the first week in a long, long time where I have actually felt good enough to get after it a little bit. I'm hoping to be back on the proverbial horse by April. (The Missus and I have this tentative plan to take a run at Couch To 5K once it gets warmer.) 

I did get the kids to a playground this week and once the weather turns, I want to make that a solid habit-- the Missus and I have gotten them outside this week, so hopefully that can continue.

4. Uncomfortable Confession Time: I have never been super good at managing money. I've been very much of a hand-wavey, stagger into the next month like a college student on a post-Finals bender type of a money manager and I'm getting kind of embarrassed by it. The goal for this year-- I don't think I'll be Dave Ramsey or Suzie Orman by year's end, but I would like to actively not be shit at the money thing.

This too, is a work in progress.

5. I think I could stand to be a better listener. A more active, present listener who actually absorbs what's being said to me and acts on it. In general, just being more active and present in my own life is something that I would like to work on. Not sure how I'm going to measure this one, but I'm putting it down anyway.

This too, is a work in progress and I'm still not sure I'm going to measure this one.

6. I pitch a good game with ambitious projects and things to do, but I could be better at taking the lead/initiative on all of these things. I'm not sure how I'm going to measure this one either, but I'm putting it down anyway. 

Still working on this. We'll see what I come up with.

7. House Projects: Since I couldn't make grass grow last year, I'm targeting a trio of projects for this year. Redoing our Master Bedroom, Built-In Bookshelves for the Living Room, and some shelves for the Kid's Room.

We have plans now. Nothing has come of them yet, but there have been plans made.

8. Reading: I'm tempted to go all out for 50, but instead, I'm going to keep it modest and go for 40 books this year. I think that's achievable. Here's the Official TBR List for 2024, if you want to follow along. 

7 books in so far, which Goodreads says is 18% of my goal. (Closing in on #8 next month.)

9. Duolingo: I've been hitting Spanish pretty intensely these past couple of months-- in the New Year, I want to get back on a regular rotation of my languages and hit at least 1,000 days on my streak. (Plus, win the Diamond League at least once, if I can.)

I did win the Diamond League at least once! Not long after I actually wrote these resolutions. Currently, I am on Day 792 and focusing on French, at least in the front part of the year. . 

10. The Annual Control Resolution: Have a List of New Year's Resolutions. (There, I'm guaranteed not to be a complete failure at this.)

Completed! I am guaranteed at least a 10% success rate, no matter what happens.


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