The North Carolina Thing

As irritated as I am right now with the Left and their apparent desire to board The Crazy Train to Tinfoilhatsville and the uncomfortable realization that the Democratic Party really is going to stick it's head up it's ass and wait for the pendulum to swing back their way, because that's a really good idea, I can't ignore Shenanigans and Bullshit from the Right, either.

Exhibit A: North Carolina.

One of the few bright spots for the Democrats on Election Day, Roy Cooper finally got over the finish line in the North Carolina Governor's race topping Republican Governor Pat McCrory by 10,000 votes or so. In response to this, Republicans in the North Carolina legislature- having been called into special session to pass disaster relief for those affected by Hurricane Matthew, decided to go ahead and pass a series of bills designed to limit the incoming (Democratic) Governor's power.

These include weakening the Governor's control over the state Board of Election, stripping the Governor of the power to appoint UNC Trustees, requiring Senate approval for all cabinet picks, slashing the number of state employees appointed by the governor with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles on a sesame seed bun.

The Left is calling this is 'legislative coup' and it's not hard to see why. Democratic Activists came out in force and were so vocal about this that they had to clear out public viewing galleries in both the North Carolina House and Senate. A couple of reporters got arrested as well- in short, it stinks and it seems shady as hell. They lost the Governorship, so let's stick it to the next guy by neutering his powers any way we can.

Wanting to get some knowledge on, I put on my hazmat suit and latex gloves and let my fingers take me on a ride to the other side of the fence to see if there was some reason why the Republicans would do this, other than 'just because they can.' Fox News was pretty even handed, but pointed out that Democrats had done the same thing to the first and only GOP Lt. Governor back in the late 80s- so apparently that makes it all okay. What they're doing, it shitty, but it's not unconstitutional- the North Carolina House Speaker was quick to point that out.

Okay...  so far we've got: 'Well, the Democrats did that to our guy like twenty years ago.' and 'Just because you disagree with it doesn't mean it's unconstitutional.'

First reason is [blows raspberry]. So? Just because the Democrats did it back in the day is no reason for you to do it now. I mean, do you want to play politics that way? Granted, there is something to the notion that if the parties were flipped, the Left would be telling the Right to take a hike- so really, if the Left can't stand the heat, they should get out of the kitchen, right?

Second reason, as much as I hate it, is, unfortunately, correct. It's not illegal. It's just...  shitty.

Not satisfied and not really finding much of a reason as to why the Republicans, I went deeper. To... Red State and a new reason emerged: 'to mute the damage of a Roy Cooper governorship.' Though what damage they're worried about it unclear. (Though I guess people weren't fans of Governor-Elect Cooper when he was Attorney General. So there's that.)

Look, maybe I'm an idealist and a bit naive about the way things should work here, but this is just stupid. It's beyond stupid, it's poisoning the well. I doubt Democrats in North Carolina are going to take their legislature anytime soon, since the Gerrymandering is strong with the Republicans down there, but let's say they do. You think they're going to let this go? You think they won't remember? They will.

Shit like this might be the Alpha Dog, knives out type of bare knuckled politics that look good to a party's base, but as per usual, our elected leaders have the collective memory of syphilitics hamsters. It's like the Democrats weakening the filibuster. They thought it was GREAT. They thought it was AMAZING. They thought it was a victory for democracy and all that jazz. When Republicans start sending bills through using the filibuster rules that the Democrats passed, do you think they're going to be cool with it? No, they're going to scream bloody murder about it.

The problem with two party systems (among many) is that sooner or later, the circle always comes back around to the other guy. Sure, you can pull a move like this now and it might do you the world of good for the short to medium term. But one day, the shoe will be on the other foot. And when it is, do well to remember what you done did here today.

In the meantime, this remains: Shenanigans and Bullshit.


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